Treatment Process


The best treatment plan for your body after consultation will be created.

At your first meeting we will discuss your expectations from the procedure, how a treatment protocol should be established to shape your silhouette, and an operation plan will be developed for you and your needs to achieve the desired results. Together, we will examine your whole body from different angles and focus on the areas where you want to get rid of excess fat and what CoolScupting technology can do for you.

At the first Appointment

After a one-to-one consultation, you will meet the specialist who will apply CoolSculpting treatment. This person can be a doctor or a medical esthetician specializing in CoolSculpting therapy.


Each patient’s body and needs are different, so during the consultation the patient’s needs should be well defined and a personalized treatment plan prepared accordingly. This treatment plan may require multiple sessions.

During the treatment, a gel is first applied to the patient’s application area and then the applicator is placed.

With the effect of vacuum, the area where the fat accumulation is drawn into the applicator. Then, the targeted fat layer starts controlled cooling.


Immediately after the CoolSculpting® procedure, patients can return to their daily routine. About 6 weeks after the procedure, the final outcome of the treatment occurs. However, depending on the desired results and the amount of adipose tissue in the treated area, a second and sometimes a third session may be required.

After the CoolSculpting® procedure, it is recommended that the patient attaches importance to weight control and care not to gain weight. However, in the case of weight gain, the weight gain will be more uniform than before treatment, since the weight will spread homogeneously.

The following side effects may occur during and after treatment at the treatment site.
These side effects usually disappear within a few days or a week.

During Treatment:

There may be a slight sensation of tightness at the site of treatment.

It is normal to feel cold, tingling, stinging and leaking at the beginning of the procedure.

As the treated area numbs, it becomes more comfortable.

Immediately After Treatment:

Redness and hardness in the treated area.

A temporary whitening and / or slight redness at the edges of the treated area.

Feeling of tingling and stinging.

In the following cases, regional freezing should be applied with caution or not at all.
  • In patients with hypersensitivity to cold
  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Open or infected wounds
  • Patients with bleeding disorders or taking blood pills
  • In patients who have recently undergone surgical intervention or scar tissue in the area to be treated
  • Patients with hernia problems at the treated area